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Holloway Lawns
02-19-2002, 08:41 PM
Just wondering if any of you all have had pre employment and background checks done on any employees? I am a Private Investigator and I know the importance of this. Since sept 11, 2001 it even makes more since to check them out.

02-20-2002, 10:47 AM
Yes... we do. We check references, driving record, Workers Comp history, criminal. We only run a credit check on those that have access to money or financial instruments (credit cards, cash, etc.)

If we are going to offer them a position, they take a pre employment physical and drug screen. The cost is $100, they pay it up front, we reimburse them after 60 days of employment. Keeps anyone out who knows they won't pass.

Holloway Lawns
02-22-2002, 10:42 AM

You are doing the right thing. You never know who they are untill you check them out.

Roger Holloway Private Investigative Agency

02-23-2002, 12:50 PM
I've been very surprised about some of the things that come out of the preemployment checks. Those times we have not done our checking as thoroughly as we should have, we come to find out later that we should have. It's cheap "insurance" to do the back ground check.