View Full Version : Ford v. Chevy Repair Costs??

02-03-2009, 06:05 PM
Hi All,

Call me crazy but before I buy a vehicle, I like to check-out what basic things are going to cost to replace like tires & brakes. I've never owned a truck bigger than a Ranger so I know I'll be in for a surprise should I choose to open-up with a 1+ton Dump. I'll be doing what work I can myself, which would include brakes, fluids, etc.

Also, due to experience in the auto repair world I will only use genuine parts as the extra expense (usually not all that much, btw) is worth the lack of hassle sometimes associated with aftermarket. I've done a little Internet shopping for genuine parts on example trucks:

1996 Chevy C3500 350/manual
1996 Ford F-350 4x2, 351/manual

Front pads & rotors

Chevy $550!!
Ford $314

Radiator + upper/lower hoses

Chevy $470
Ford $314 (ironically see above)

Chevy $139
Ford $71

So my question is if both of these trucks were in the same shape with the same mileage it seems for my three examples the Chevy always costs more for genuine parts (Will the Chevy's parts last longer or something?). Have you guys that have run both gas trucks found this to be true (Chevy more expensive to repair)? Also, what do you guys spend on average truck maintenance/repairs for a gas truck?

Oh & one more that kills me


Chevy $89
Ford $43

I know I should expect to spend big boy $ with a big boy truck but I still like to run a vehicle as cheap as possible without skimping on quality/reliability. I'm willing to spend the $ needed but if a Chevy will always cost me more then I'm gonna run the other way. I'd rather pay more upfront than spend the $ later & forever...