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Suburban Cowboy
02-15-2009, 04:15 PM
1. Can I put flyers in the outside of a mailbox without a problem? Do I need a permit?

Or, is that also a part of the new ban on lead stopping sales of kids atv's and MX bikes - which is stupid.

really please answer point 1


02-15-2009, 04:18 PM
I'm pretty sure postal service says no closer then 5 feet from the box if it does'nt have a stamp,

Kennedy Landscaping
02-16-2009, 12:10 PM
Here in El Dorado I'm certain you cannot put things INSIDE the box. Not too sure on the outside the box rule, I just take the extra few steps and put the flyers in peoples doors. Also if the people have a "newspaper" box you can probably put it there because as far as I know that is not illegal to do.

02-16-2009, 07:23 PM
I know you can put it in the box for sure, but what I used to do is put them in the paper boxes and that actually worked pretty well since the paper company is private and not the federal government.

02-16-2009, 07:44 PM
Inside and outside the mailbox are off limits. Anywhere that the postal worker could touch is off limits. So that means you can't use the flag either to hold the flyers. But as far as the newspaper boxes, those are OK! Just don't let the flyers touch the mail box and you'll be fine.