View Full Version : Best Way to put down wood on top of mesh

02-15-2009, 11:20 PM
I have a trailer that came with a steel mesh floor that has now stretched and broken. I want to put a wood floor down and wanted to get some thoughts on the best way to do this. Should i put down boards or plywood? Use nails, screws, or bolt down? I have seen wood floors nailed into the steel frame, how would one do this? Just looking to get some advice.



02-16-2009, 10:29 AM
I have a 6'-4" x 12' trailer which originally was mesh. The previous owner put down 2x10's over the mesh. He used carriage bolts (2 per board) through the angle iron cross member.
Two problems:

#1. The 2x10's raise the height of the floor of the trailer 1.5", so the ramp gate now has a small step at the top, which catches on the decks of mowers. Over a couple of years, the 2x10s have worn to about 3/4" thick at the ramp (and are split in places).
#2. The carriage bolts were placed at the ends of the boards. I broke off a few bolts at the ramp end due to the mower decks catching on them. I replaced them with bolts about 18" further in (at the next cross member)--these do not catch, and will keep their purchase if the boards begin to rot at the end.

I also have a 4x8 trailer with 5/8" exterior grade plywood (also held by carriage bolts). This is much lighter, a little less strong (although, with mesh to back it up, it may work), and maybe less durable. I have replaced the deck on this trailer once. The plywood tends to rot at the bolt holes; water collects in them. If you were to butt sheets of plywood, this may increase the chance of them rotting.