View Full Version : Magnum 15' spray wand

02-18-2009, 11:20 AM
15' Spray wand for the Permagreen Magnum. As most of you know the Magnum’s spray system shuts off at idle. The pressure bladder tank can run the entire spray system for up to 30 seconds.The pressure bladder tank is constantly filled and pressurized by the pump during normal operation. So the 15’ spray wand is always ready for use at idle.

Once everything has been tested I might sell the wand and hose separate from the pressure tank. If someone wanted to they could figure out a safe way to keep the throttle on while in neutral and run the wand. For liability reasons I won't sell anything that holds the throttle open.

Also, not sure why I built this.:laugh: I get by with the hand can, and trim with the PG.