View Full Version : 2005 f150 problem

02-19-2009, 12:11 AM
i was driving down the road today and heard some grinding noise comeing from the front of my truck. i wouldnt stop when i hit the brakes, slowed down, speed up, but when i put the truck in 4 wheel drive it quit and it done it twice each time when i put it in wheel drive it stoped the grinding. could this be a bad bearing. it dosent do it alot. when i was driving it saturday it didnt do it all day but when i drove it today it done it 3 times. i am going to greensboro tomorrow to pick up a lesco 36 walk behind so hopefuly it will be fine. when i get back i guess i will call dale jarrett ford or maybe tire country to get it looked at. anyone care to guess what is up.

and for all you ford haters SUCK IT.:cool2::clapping::dancing: