View Full Version : How to unload a non dumping trailer?

South Florida Lawns
02-21-2009, 03:49 PM
I need an easy way to unload branches and brush at the dump. I have heard of people using a chain or rope and hooking it to a loader, but I'm not exactly sure what to do. Does anybody have pictures of the system they use, and is it pretty efficient?

02-21-2009, 03:57 PM
I always put a tarp on the floor and use it to unload. If I have a huge load, I will layer the tarps to make it easier.

02-21-2009, 04:40 PM
Put the biggest branches on the bottom, tie them to something fairly stable at the dump, and drive out from underneath. The whole pile (or most of it) should slide off.

Gravel Rat
02-21-2009, 05:08 PM
I don't have a trailer but on my truck if I have a large load of branches I put a 1/2 rope in the middle of the deck from side to side leave enough rope on the one side so you can choke the pile after its loaded. Once you get to a place where you are going to pull off the load find a tree to tie too. Oh ya make sure you tie a knot on the tree end that will be easy to get un done as the rope will have tension on it with the pile laying on the ground. After you un-choke the pile tie the one end of the rope to the trailer and drive ahead pull the rope out.

I have used tarps but they are biatch to get out from under the pile you end up ripping the tarp. I used the rope method on heavy fir branches they weigh 20-30lbs alone works great using the rope. Make sure you have a long enough rope to reach a tree. Also make sure the rope it tight no slack bettween the pile on the truck/trailer and the tree your tied too so your brush pile ends up where you want it too.

02-21-2009, 06:19 PM
back up really fast and slam on the brakes. :laugh:

Gravel Rat
02-21-2009, 06:23 PM
back up really fast and slam on the brakes. :laugh:

That only works if your hauling old wood debris and you have a pipe as a roller under the load.

Brush is horrible even if your truck or trailer dumps it sticks in the box and your pulling on it to let it break free.

I used to drive tandem axle rolloff with 40 yard boxes stuff would stick so you have the box tilted up and your backing up slam on the brakes trying to get the load to shift.

02-21-2009, 06:35 PM
It was a joke...hence the laugh at the end of it...

Gravel Rat
02-21-2009, 06:41 PM
Ya I know it was a joke but some people may try it not a good idea with a trailer when it can jackknife quicker than you can blink and you will have a nice bent hitch :laugh:

Even dump trailers don't dump a load very well I watched a guy with a dump trailer and a full load of old duriods the box tilted up as high as it would go it still wouldn't slide out. This wasn't a deck over wheels dump.

I still remember watching one of the disposal contractors with a 1.5 ton dump he was having troubles so he was backing up and jamming on the brakes. Well the 3rd try I guess he pushed a little too hard and blew a brake line :hammerhead:

South Florida Lawns
02-21-2009, 06:54 PM
Thanks GR yeah the guy in the Hitachi 250 wheel loader was like do you have a chain or rope I can hook up to? I was like no I don't. I think I'll try you idea as that sounds simple enough. Tarps make sense too but like you said how do you get them out from under the unloaded load.

Daily Lawn/Landscape
02-21-2009, 06:57 PM
If you can have a loader at the landfill to hook to, here is what we do. Get 2 pallets (preferably heavy). and a good chain or tow strap. Place the first pallet all the way to the front of the trailer. Now secure the chain/strap to the pallet. Now run the chain/strap down the middle of the second pallet and place it int he middle of the trailer and than lay the chain/strap down the middle of the trailer to the gate (making sure you leave all the slack at the back of the trailer.
Load the trailer. When you get to the dump have the loader hook to the chain/strap lift slightly and drag everything off. Works great. We have done this for over a year now and will never hand unload again. When we go dump the load we have on the trailer I'll try to video it so you can see. Also ,I'll take some pics of an empty trailer so you can see our setup. We had an ice storm a couple weeks back and I have taken more than 15 loads to the dump and we are never there more than 5 min with this system. And the most we have drug off was almost 2800lbs

Hope this helps.


South Florida Lawns
02-21-2009, 07:05 PM
Thanks james. yeah if you got any pics of this setup it would be great. I had to unload about 1700 lbs of brush and vines the other day and got caught in a cold rain storm, that was no fun. The dump I go to has a loader there.

Gravel Rat
02-21-2009, 07:14 PM
Tarps are a pain its okay for loose stuff like leaves or grass but heavy branches a rope is cheap and easy to get out from under the load. Like I said I used tarps and ruined a few of them.

I spent quite a few years and still do with a non dumping flatdeck so I learned over the years when you have brush or wood debris like old wood from a porch etc a rope around the load and back to a tree or a piece of machinery works.

At the landfill I deal with there used to be a old dump truck I used to beable to tie too but they moved it and it was oh crap now what. Looked at the chainlink fence looked around nobody watching tied my rope to it pulled the load off quickly untie from the fence and go pay for the dump fees :laugh:

02-21-2009, 07:22 PM
I have a pretty heavy tarp that fits just right to my trailer I run rope from the front of the tarp both sides of the trailer to the top sides of the gate when you pull down the gate the tarp starts to pull back and we just grab the side and take it the rest of the way and kind of roll the green waste off.

02-21-2009, 07:53 PM
All valid ideas, however, the only way I've found effective is a pitch fork, scoop shovel, a good pair of gloves and elbow grease. One tactic that works ok is put the large branches at the bottom and stack on top of them. For lighter loads you can simply grab the large branches at the bottom and pull off most of the debris. For 8 yrs. I've been unloading my 16' trailers manually. I swore 08 was the last year. I ordered a dump trailer and I'm not gonna miss unloading.

02-21-2009, 08:31 PM
well ive tried a few ways..One is lay all of the trees on the ground, ive only delt with branches about 3-4 inches wide..anyway, lay a nylon string accross a driveway, Then lay the branches on top of it..then simply tie them up and throw in the trailer and head to the dump and simply throw the bundles in the dump..Works great, many of you may think im crazy, but it works

02-22-2009, 12:09 PM
I do this all the time.

Get a long logging chain or a long 3-4" strap. Lay it down on middle of the trailer longways with few feet left hanging off the front and you should have several feet hanging off the end of the trailer.

Now start piling stuff on top big stuff 1st. As you build a pile you may want to cut it down with a chain saw. Just start hacking away and jump on it if you have to. The really reduces the height.

Once you get a full load, safely secure the strap or chain for the ride. Secure you load with a tarp or tie downs and go where you want to unload it.

Take the two ends of the chain or strap and hook them together. You have to get it as tight as you can. I prefer to use a strap. A ratchet 4" strap work real good.

Once the chain or strap is completely wraped around the load longways on the trailer, take another chain hook it to that strap and the other end you have to hook to a tree or something that wont move.

The get in your truck and drive off. Once the load comes off the trailer you have to get your chain or strap out. Thats easy. Unhook it and attach one end to you truck and pull it out. I do this all the time and it will completely unload a trailer.

Or at the dump like James said hook to a loader. Maybe what he does with the pallets is a better way. I don't know. I've never had a problem getting the entire load off this way. You might think it would only get part of it but thats not it. It all comes off real easily.