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03-11-2002, 02:55 AM
As much as you may get sick of hearing it, I want to say thanks to everyone at LS. With your knowledge and helpful advice, it gave me all the confidence in the world to make my business full-time and, successful. And it was much needed. After my son was born my wife was laid-off. Late last year I was laid-off from the Aerospace Ind. And if I wouldn't have found LS I would not have this outlook that I now have. I could not thank you enough.

I thank you and, my family thanks you.

03-11-2002, 10:11 AM
Good luck to you and your family. Also, very nice logo.

03-11-2002, 05:09 PM
Good luck, with hard work and determination you'll make it. The easiest way to succeed is to understand what is waiting if you fail.

Keep us informed on how things are going.

03-11-2002, 06:49 PM
Speaking of failure... read "Failing Forward" by John Maxwell.

Though I'm in the middle of reading it his book know, I think it's worth recommending. The premise of his book is that people are taught to think about failure in certain ways. Depending on what you were taught growing up or what has influenced you over the years will effect, as it will anything in life, your perception of failure. Achievers separate themselves from average folk because of their perception of failure and what they do with it. Failure does not keep the achievers from reaching their goals. Maxwell says, "Your attitude, not your apptitude, will determine your altitude."

Good luck with your business!

03-14-2002, 06:54 PM
Good luck, Mykster

Take care of that family,they are more important than anything else.Make time for them over burning the midnight oil with work.

03-15-2002, 12:06 AM
We appreciate the thanks.

How much was the logo to make?

03-15-2002, 01:03 AM
Best wishes and keep posting. I hope that the support of information and encouragement here will make the road to success a little easier.

03-15-2002, 01:46 AM
Free. Designed it myself and my Brother-in-Law put it together on the computer