View Full Version : What documentation do you give your maintenance staff ?

03-05-2009, 10:37 AM
I'm looking at reviewing what we give our guys when we send them out into the field to do lawn and landscape maintenance jobs...

We typically have an site specification, but that just describes the main tasks to be done at that site at times of year

Apart from the obvious (like time sheet, location, contact etc), what do you give and expect back from your guys?

- an overview of what needs to be done ?
- a general detailed check list?
- a site specfic check list ?
- ok to invoice etc etc

I don't want them to have to fill out chapter and verse, but want them to know what is expected and be accountable (ie they 'sign' the tasks off).

Be interested to know how others handle this? :confused:

03-06-2009, 08:49 AM
We give them a site specfic check list that has notes at to the customer's particular requests or "peeves".

All our trucks are equipped with GPS tracking devices so I already know where they are and how long they were there.

I found the time sheets to be a decent tool but usually not as accurate as I needed to properly track productivity.

And it ended the stops at the convenience store 3-4 times a day! Or running over to the water company or whatever so one of the guys could pay his bill!

That's stuff that really happened....

03-09-2009, 03:15 PM

Thanks for the reply. Do you insist they make 'notes' or sign-off each task ?

As we've grown a lot I struggle to make follow up visits regulary to every site.
I want my teams to be accountable, but unless it's 'on paper' its hard to ensure all jobs are getting done!

Regarding GPS, how does that work in practice - I assume your staff know it's fitted to your trucks ?. Can you monitor real-time or do you have to download it to a PC etc ? In the UK, this sort of option is rare. Not sure why....:confused:

The Elements Group
03-09-2009, 11:08 PM
I have a thorough checklist that explains what was done ,( prune,fert, pest, reel , rotary, type of turf, edge ) etc. etc etc and objective on the next visit this covers mt end and also protects the clients investment.. a copy is left with the client or property manager and one is retained for my records..... plus on the office copy i have a time in and a time out this really helps when evaluating my costs and also protects me from clock jockeys..... good luck