View Full Version : NEED HELP! pricing question

03-16-2009, 08:37 PM
I got my first call of the season today and it was a piece of property that was4.25 acres. The piece up around the house is about 2.25 acres with alot of trimming and a wooden fence around the back of the house. He wants this mowed every week. The other 2 acres is just a field with huge trees and lots of leaves right now and limbs which those limbs will fall all year probably. But he wants this mowed every other week and then trim around those trees when needed. So do you guys have any ideas on what to charge. Thanks alot

03-16-2009, 09:06 PM
What equipment do you have?

03-16-2009, 09:14 PM
Cub Cadet z-force 50, cub cadet trimmer, stihl blower

03-16-2009, 09:16 PM
Any Ideas guys I have to tell him my quote tomorrow.

03-17-2009, 12:12 AM
600 per week.

03-17-2009, 12:31 AM
You need to decide how long it will take you first. Once you know this you can come up with a price. Don't just shoot in the dark. If you dont know how much work you can do per hour you need to research.


good luck.