View Full Version : I have a website but that is it

03-16-2009, 09:54 PM
All constructive criticism is welcome. I know it is bad

03-17-2009, 06:53 AM
Gosh, it is awfully hard for us to tell you how terrible it is, what an idiot you are for putting up such a terrible website, how your can't spell, your colors clash and you picked terrible photos if you don't give us a link so we can find it. Based on the info I have it is the most beautiful and wonderful site I have seen. :dizzy:

03-17-2009, 07:17 AM
It's a great start, just need more pics. Grass background is nice, but need pic's to keep the viewers interest, as there is just reading.


03-17-2009, 12:39 PM
I think you have a pretty good start.

I think you know some additional photos would help a lot.

I would suggest trying to move the top picture down just a bit. If throws things off since it touches the top of the window and if you could bring it down 10-20 pixels I think it would look better.

I would suggest listing some of the cities you service in your text. The map is good but google won't read the map to know where you go. If someone from Greenwood does a search Lawncare in Greenwood you want your site to be one of the ones that pops up.

You don't have any meta tags. You should have a title, description and keywords so the seach engines can find you more easily.

Really it looks pretty good and probably as you work on it you can make it even better.

03-18-2009, 03:35 PM
i dont like the links they look just stuck ther jmo