View Full Version : Motorized OCDC on non-battery mower

03-19-2009, 12:38 PM
After looking over some designs of the OCDC, I thought about taking the power window motor off an old dodge ram that we have, and making on from that. I am going to mount a car battery somewhere on the mower and run power to it this way, I know I have to ground everything properly as well. Plus I may add lights to the mower as well, and put it on a charger when needed, these items shouldnt draw too much power though. The other manual OCDC design I will install on one of the other mowers and see which works best. Anyone ever added a battery to a non-battery equiped mower to run things? as long as everything is grounded, I dont see any problems coming up. Any ideas? There is no way I would spend hundreds of dollars on something I can fabricate in a day from scrap parts, So far Ive built trimmer racks, velkes,and other trailer storage items probably saving me thousands. Thanks.