View Full Version : lights on flights

Mike M
03-22-2009, 05:35 PM
Looks like I will be coming back up to AK for 2009-2010, and maybe a few years thereafter. I am looking at a position in a hub village that has daily jet flights, a great school, hospital, etc. I would have a working calendar that would line up well with lighting installs (summer, after ice-melt).

If anyone has experience with remote locations requiring "flights" to the destination, please share info! (thx)

How lightweight can we get? I figure to reach remote locations (2nd home/resort & retired crowd) I can capitalize on LED technology. For materials, I'll use 14 gauge spools with small tranformers.

I ran some demographics through Quantummail, and they cover AK quite well.

If I do this, I will have to change my logo from a palm tree to a polar bear freezin his nuts off.

Mike M