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Big Reggie Regg
04-13-2009, 11:29 AM
Yes my name is Reggie, and i am from CT ...And i just started my business,Sunsets Landscaping&Lawncare in Sept ,08 business for me. It's up and down right know. but it is getting there.When i first started off with a yard mower, a weed wacker:clapping: then a set of hedge's had four acounts .As month's went bye and doing odd job it payed off.But knew I am working with two 48 "inch's walkbehind's 3 nice weed wacker's ,3backpack blower's, tiller,,,ect...And beside's just cutting and trimming hegde's...I've,up graded i know stone,Mulch ,Plant,Cut small tree's down and more ,,I've made my own flyer and design my own business ,passed them out house to house post business card were ever i could ..Throw out the month's it payed off many month's.It's a hard start off but hay we got to do it.. www.MySunSetLandscaping.com Check it out and let me know what you thank about me page...Thank you..:weightlifter::drinkup:

J & D Greens
04-13-2009, 05:06 PM
Hey your Web site looks good. One thing I noticed is a word missing in your one sentence about you and your goals for your customer. I think you left out earn when you are stating you want to earn your trust. I think it looks good. Are you going to be able to ad a photo gallery? Good luck this season and work hard it will always pay off in the end. David