View Full Version : How much to charge per mowing?

03-28-2002, 10:36 PM
Church with 8 acres total. 2 acres just need to be bush hogged about 1 time a month. other 6 acres mowed weekly. Flat easy mowing. How Much


03-28-2002, 10:53 PM
$1050.00 per month.

Darryl G
03-28-2002, 10:53 PM
Free - it's a church. You could donate your time, get some good local press, and all of the church members would use you on their lawns. It might be worth considering, although that is a pretty large lawn.

03-28-2002, 11:07 PM
Do not do it free.

bubble boy
03-28-2002, 11:14 PM
for free?

nuts crazy forget it dont even consider it i dont care who goes there who they will refer

:blob2: :blob2:

unless your supreme being visited and asked you to do it for free don't. and if he or she did visit, only give discount.

i really cant believe that was suggested

03-29-2002, 01:20 AM
How about if you donate the service to the church and deduct the cost from your taxes? Been thinking about running that by my taxman. 30 mows at $300.00 bucks a mow=9g's to deduct at taxtime. Can it be done?

Kent Lawns
03-29-2002, 01:48 AM
Mowing for free does not reduce your income. (Yes, you can still write off gas, etc. expenses incurred during the servcing.)

You can't write off what you COULD have made.

Irrigated turf?

If you just need to single cut the whole area, $1500/month or so.

03-29-2002, 03:07 AM
Do it for free??? Come on get real.

I know it may not sound right but I don't even do MY OWN church for free AND they are in a money crunch. And no you can't deduct what you could have made. IF you have that big of a heart get what you would get if it was a regular customer and then write them a check right back for an Offering so it all is a tax deduction.

I do give churches a break in price though. But like I said I do my own church and they INSISTED in paying my regular amount. God requires only 10%. As a former youth pastor and having been in and around churches all my life, and there is a bussness aspect to all of them. If they are looking for freebies they ask their members to do the work, not a contractor.

Remember though you can get some good accounts through them and this sounds like a big enough church to do that with. Be sure and do them right though.

If you are unsure about the bid agree on a price for a one time cut so you can cut them as good of a deal as you can.

Also every member will be looking at your work as if they spent the money to get it done.