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Darryl G
03-30-2002, 10:26 PM
I will not mow a lawn without trimming and blowing, even if the customer doesn't want it. Some people just want a cut. It usually happens when I say that the price includes tirmming and blowing, and they say how much to just cut. My attitude is that I don't want any of my accounts looking shabby, because a passerby won't know that I was paid to mow only. Have any of you taken the same position? The only time I'll just mow is for brush hogging fields or overgrown lots.

03-30-2002, 10:33 PM
Yeah, those are the types that will never let an extra penny go for extra labor. Not worth the trouble. Tell them to call a scrub.:eek:

03-30-2002, 10:36 PM

i know where you are coming from... i did a couple of those type jobs in the past and it does bother you when all they want is a mow job.. i always went ahead and trimmed and blowed anyway, figuring it's my work that people are seeing and those that do see it may not fully know the agreement between me and the costumer.. if you can, Blow it and Trim it...


03-30-2002, 10:40 PM
Yes it has happened before. I tell them it is x amount to show up and that base price includes trim and blow.

03-30-2002, 10:52 PM
I love those type of accounts!

I had two of these last year and they were great. I made more per minute on them than the full service ones. I call it "Grass Blast!" I wish they were ALL like that.

03-30-2002, 11:34 PM
As long as they are willing to pay, I wouldn't care.

03-30-2002, 11:59 PM
I'm with lawnjockey-
I can't have my truck seen at a yard that is left looking any less than the best I can do. The folks noticing me will NOT know what my agreement is with that customer. They will only associate ME with what they just saw.

03-31-2002, 12:24 AM
I no longer will do work like that, I do yards a certain way to get what I would call a "signature look, and trimming and blowing is ALWAYS included. If it was a field or over grown lot, yea I'll do it if they are willing to pay what I will charge them.... Generally these types of folks are looking for the cheapest work and not worth it.

03-31-2002, 12:46 AM
What you need to do is impliment some "reverse" psycology on those types. Make it seem as those they are getting the trim and clean-up as a "bonus" to your already "low" mowing price! I've done this before, and you would be surprised at how well it goes over. All of a sudden they are totally appreciative of your service because they now think they are getting some real value.

Darryl G
03-31-2002, 02:16 AM
Thanks for the input guys. I see I'm not the only one who feels this way. To me it just looks like hell with grass all over the walks and driveway and the long grass around the foundation. I don't like to leave it that way. And yes, it does seem to be those people who won't contract for any extras. They're probably just waiting to save up enough $ to buy a new Crapsman and fire me.

03-31-2002, 03:42 AM
I don't want the neighbors thinking I was the cheap one. Its a reflection on my business.

03-31-2002, 07:15 AM
I always trim and blow. I even go a step further and knock down the weeds that are growing in the concrete areas. It takes 2-3 more minutes. They are often surprised on how good it looks and I end up keeping them as a weekly customer.

03-31-2002, 07:57 AM
I also will not do a yard without trimming and blowing. I also stick edge all walks. It a Pride issue with me.

03-31-2002, 08:21 AM
ill do just mow ,if they just enjoy the trimming and cant do the whole lawn for some reason.not interested if they dont do it at all.

03-31-2002, 10:17 AM
im gonna try that at the next resturaunt my wife and i go to. ok waitress, i know the prime rib comes with a baked potatoe, drink, and salad bar. now how much if i JUST get the prime rib, u keep the extras, oh yea, and i brought my own little plastic bag for the scraps, so u can save on disposal, and i wont be using any salt or pepper, and ill be sure not to use the rest room, and ill eat it with my hands as not to dirty your silverwear, now, how much for that?

03-31-2002, 10:38 AM
I do one like that but it works out that way- It's a $13 million estate and from years of doing it themselves they have it set up so everything has an edge that you can mow right up against- I've tried trimming but found there was nothing to trim-it would be nice if they all were like this.

03-31-2002, 12:09 PM
I agree with everyone else on this. I always do the whole job.

Just curious about that last post. How have things been set up to not require trimming or edging? I have learned that in some "formal" gardens, they will just have a 12" border of compacted dirt rather than any kind of bricks, stones, wood or plastic. For some reason this seems to be a good option even in a yard with a bermuda grass lawn. I work in one of these but someone else does the mowing. I assume that just hitting it with the weedeater keeps it under control. But if you care to say more about it, I wonder how this particular yard is set up so you don't need to trim.

03-31-2002, 05:00 PM

I agree with all of you. I do not want my name and business doing half quality work.
Right, other people do not know that the customer wanted to be cheap. They will only think that you the contractor was doing poor work.

I have had the same questions asked of me repeatedly. I always say that I do it one way and that is with trimming and blowing.
Or asked to give them a quick and cheap job. I reply that I only do mowing one way, and that is the best job that I feel they will be able to find in town. That I do not advertize to be the cheapest maint. company in town. Only the best.

If they don't like that I always tell them that there are plenty of other contractors that do not have reliable equipment, and do not carry insurance, willing to do a cheap job for them.

03-31-2002, 10:28 PM
yeah you are right about that with the compacted dirt around everything- it sounds bad but when you talk about 11 acres of area with stables, small forest, gardens , pools, etc. you don't notice small things like that. I know everyone thinks this sounds terrible but youd have to see it. Like everyone else I always trim and blow- in fact I think trimming is the single most important thing in making a job look finished- I know the homeowner sprays around the beds once in a while to keep weeds out but all in all it is very low maintenance for the size.

03-31-2002, 11:59 PM
My standard mowing includes trimming and blowing. This is what almost all of my accounts get, but I have a couple " field mows" or what I call a simple mow. This is for extra vacent lots ar minimaly maintained areas. BUT a couple customers will be getting a " simple mow", then a "standard mow" once a month or so. I will be able to keep these properties looking good with this as there is either very little trimming or the grass isn't very thick along the edges. Below is part of my contracts where I indicate what service they will be getting.

Standard weekly mowing (weather permitting) includes:
[X] Trimming as needed. [X] Blowing debris off walks, drives, and patios.
[X] Bagging grass as needed. [X] Controlling weeds in walks and drives.

Special services available at extra cost: [ ] Always bagging grass.
[ ] Extra or detailed trimming. [ ] Weed control in landscaping.
[ ] Other service requested. ____________________________

Simple mowing: [ ] No bagging, trimming, or blowing.

04-01-2002, 12:26 AM
Normally we mow, trim, and blow. One of our accounts we mow and blow only because the home owner likes to trim it himself (we only have the account because he has a bad hip). He keeps it looking great so we have no pride issue about leaving it untrimmed. However if he did not keep it looking good we definitely would not mow it or we would charge extra to trim it as well.

04-01-2002, 12:36 AM
I always trim. Makes it look so much better. And as a few others said it makes you and your business look unproffessional.