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03-31-2002, 06:37 PM
I just bought a new 14' TA landscape trailer from Asheboro Trailer sales. The trailer did not come with brakes on it. I am planning on putting them on but i though i heard somewhere that they are required for a trailer this size and weight. The trailer has a 7k gross weight. Any help would be appreciated cvause i don't have the money to put them on yet but if it is the law i am going to have too.

03-31-2002, 07:29 PM
I'm not sure, but heres a link to all of our vehichle laws

And if you don't find it. Stop by the Krispy Creme in the morning and ask a trooper, LOL! Sure he can tell you.

03-31-2002, 09:38 PM
I have been told that a trailer with a capacity over 3500# has to have brakes and have a state safety inspection(yearly).As far as a price of the parts to add brkes to one axle should be about $150 if the axle is prepped for brakes.Hope this helps,Richard

03-31-2002, 10:00 PM
Heres what I was able to find from the statutes

(f) Every semitrailer, or trailer, or separate vehicle,
attached by a drawbar or coupling to a towing vehicle, and
having a gross weight of two tons, and all house trailers of
1,000 pounds gross weight or more, shall be equipped with brakes
controlled or operated by the driver of the towing vehicle,
which shall conform to the specifications set forth in
subsection (e) of this section and shall be of a type approved
by the Commissioner

I'll call a retired trooper (commander of Troop A) that I've done some work for in the past. Sure he'll be able to give me the full scoop on it.

03-31-2002, 10:08 PM
thanks for all the help guys. I am gonna find the casg and put them on this week after i get ym truck back from the shop. It had brake problems and getting it wired for brakes and stuff also, anyway thanks again.

LawnPro in NC
04-01-2002, 01:23 AM
Probally won't have any problems unless yu have an accident. also if the total weight of loaded trailer and truck is more than 9000 lbs you have to have commercial tags. and that fine will cost you BIG.