View Full Version : New Web Site - How did your company advertise when you launched?

06-13-2009, 10:04 PM
Hello everyone,

My name is Craig Primoli, and I'm the owner of Yardmasters Landscapes based out of Stillwater, Minnesota. We target mostly the Twin Cities and surrounding areas of Minnesota, and have been in business for over forty years. We're very well established in our community, but are looking to expand - and recently had our web site http://www.yardmasters.biz completely redesigned and launched.

My question for the other landscape companies out there - how did you choose to advertise when you were originally launching your site? We've so far tried to register our site with as many local business directories as we can find, but most of them charge fees in the range of $50 - $100 a site, and we'd rather not spend money "listing" our site if it really isn't going to help. .

So for those of you who have successful web sites, how did you manage your advertising? As a bonus followup - how much (percentage-wise) of your business comes from the Internet?

If anyone's interested, our new site is at http://www.yardmasters.biz