View Full Version : Lowballer & LCSP'S

06-16-2009, 08:21 PM
Just read an article in Lawn & Landscape titled "Dealing with the Lowballer" In this economy it is clear their are lowballers & LCSP Low Cost Service Providers. We need to realize that their are customers who are going to be looking at price point alone. If the customer gets a bid from either you best take them serious, and ask to see the bid explain what value you offer for a higher price. Realize you will loose some customers to lowballers or LCSP. Those customers most likly are not worth keeping.

Lawn & Landscape define's the Lowballer as the illegal LCO, vs the LCSP whom is so good at pricing their able to make a profit while underbidding the majority of the industry.
The Lowballer & LCSP are here to stay, seperate yourself form either.
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