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06-20-2009, 09:32 AM
Hello All,

Just wanted to thank you guy/gals for the information and opinions you provide to folks like me that just own ztr’s for residential proposes and a couple of small “pay” yards (to help justify a $7500.00 mower to the wife) Anyway back to my post… I’m sure most knew this however I did not. I read on here where a lot of people were having good luck with “gator” blades. So, off to my local dealer to try a set on the 757. Well try them a couple of days and it was less then impressed, I got a a lot of build up under the deck, thiner (compared to stock JD blades) and they didn’t seen to have enough vacuum. So I came back to lawnsite.com and began read a little more and came across a posting were one member that thought the gators were the best but he referred to them as gator 3in1. This is when I call my dealer and he said… oh you were wanting the “magnums” What difference these new Gator magnum 3 in 1 are great and have a beautiful cut with no build up and very thick.

Thanks again