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06-24-2009, 03:06 PM
Thinking about putting down some compost if not now then definatly this fall. Started doing some research, called around looking for where to buy by the load rather then hauling 40 Lb bags home from Lowes 10 at a time not only gets expensive, but time consuming and not very smart (been there done that).

Anyhow when calling around I was pointed into one direction by multiple landscaping co. to a place called "Western Farms" which is Western Kentucky University Agriculture Dept. (college town)

Question is, here's the web site:

Is this what I want? This is mulch but I don't see compost listed :confused:
I do have a call in awaiting callback so want to have an idea what you guys think also.

Did just find this, My responsibilities include:

•Mulch/Compost Facility: