View Full Version : Wholsale nursery in Kansas

04-11-2002, 04:53 PM
I'm looking for anougher Whole Slae nursery in Kansas. I'm around the Kansas City area and need another carrier. :blob4:

11-08-2002, 12:12 PM
I use Suburban Lawn and Garden a lot and Grass Pad. Both sell wholesale. Grass Pad treat me like a king and has Great Service -- but Suburban has a lot better selection.

What Nursery did you used to use?

12-29-2002, 08:32 PM
Loma Vista - Look up in phone book...don't know address
Rosehill - I love em...155 & prospect..awsome stuff and good people

Hermes has a nice nursery down by the Kaw in KCK
Hope it helps

Old Hippy
01-07-2003, 06:33 AM
I have gotten some stuff from Colonial Nursery out east of town on the Missouri side. Forget the address would have to look it up. It is like exit 12 on I-70 then go south 5 miles or so. Blue Springs sounds familiar. Nice people treated me well, priced fair, had me loaded and gone in 30 minutes.

01-13-2003, 01:49 PM
Colonial Nursery is the 7 hwy exit in Blue Springs. I think it is exit 20 or 21. Head south 4-5 miles. Follow the signs.