View Full Version : Wild Bermuda--how do I get rid of it???

05-24-2000, 06:08 PM
How can I get rid of a wild strain of Bermuda that keeps coming back in my yard and garden? Is there a chemical that will do it? Thanks in advance for any help!

05-24-2000, 09:30 PM
roundup is the only chemical that will do it. roundup will kill the grass and anyother plant it comes it comes in contact with too so be careful.

06-06-2000, 09:53 PM
There is a product that Green Light makes that is strictly Bermuda Killer is the label name. I have been trying to rack my brain to remember the active ingredient but i can't recall. It targets only bermuda and to my knowledge can be applied over the top of certain ornamentals that will be listed on the label. Hope this will help!!!