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09-01-2009, 04:51 PM
We just started our company in May and we need help on
putting a price on mowing, weeding, and trimming a subdivision ?
should we charge for month or year contract?
please help!!!!!!!!!!11:confused:

Jeff Tracey Enterprises
09-01-2009, 07:27 PM
first things first, not enough information to help you on price, that and it varies based on location. When it comes to contracts/ billing, bill it monthly but price it yearly, were you are being paid year round, IE, if it would cost them " round number" $1200 per year, charge them $100 a month so that you are being paid year round, like in the winter when you wont be providing services... just my 2 cents

09-01-2009, 09:31 PM
I couldn’t help but to notice that you offer a lot of services. Normally when someone offers that many services they do not realize what all it takes to be legal if the first questions asked is how you price. If this is not the case I am sorry, I am simply going on past questions like yours.

Before you can price anything you will need to know how much it costs you to operate on an hourly basis. This will include payroll, workman’s comp, insurance, business licenses, sprayer licenses, equipment, fuel and so on. Since everyone’s operating cost is different everyone’s prices will be different….hope that makes sense? Once you have your basic operating cost you can then begin to price it out.

With the above being said, we need to know how much it cost you to operate per hour and how many hours will it take you to do the job. Is the job weekly or bi-weekly? Bi-weekly work is much harder on you and your equipment so the price per hour normally changes. What is your drive time to and from the job? Do you have other work near this area so the 2 jobs can combine to make drive time easier?

There is a lot more to this then just knowing how to cut grass.