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04-29-2002, 01:30 AM
i just got a new 2002 GMC SIERRA 2500 CREW CAB SLT 4X4 short bed, with duramax diesel and 5 speed automatic allison transmission.

summit white with grey leather...loaded

i got $20.5k for my 96' suburban and another $2k off the $44k sticker.

this truck is sweet.

i demoed a different one for a month and put 1500 hard miles on it before i brought it back because they wouldn't barter enough on price (they offered me $17k for my 96' suburban and wouldn't budge on the $44k truck, what a joke!)

i towed my 20' enclosed trailer the whole time and averaged 16-21 mpg on the highway and 14-18 in the city.

i ended up going to another dealer in macomb, il. and got one hell of a deal on this one.

so far 600 miles and getting 15mpg in town.

i'm taking it to springfield, mo. next week with the trailer and will let you know how it does. (hopefully i'll have a good head wind to work against)

these trucks have balls....they are the best driving, riding and towing i've demoed.

i can nail it from a dead stop and smoke em, if you need to pass on the highway, the turbo spools up and jumps to life.

i'll keep you informed.

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04-30-2002, 10:50 PM
I installed a Transflow kit in mine ,that allows the use of big diesel nozzels at the fuel stops.

04-30-2002, 11:46 PM

tell me more, i'm not familiar with that.

thanks, dave

05-01-2002, 02:20 AM
Damn nice truck you got there. My neighbor works at a GMC dealership and, he just rants and rave about the new Duramax and the Allison trany. So I went to talk to commercial sale for a Duramax 1ton with a dump. The comm. sales lady took me for a spin, WOW, this thing is awesome!!! I'm a true Dodge man myself but, this thing walked all over the Cummins I test drove. The sticker price was 36k. They only offered me 15kfor my 00' Dodge and wanted 9kfor a down at 720.00 a month. When I do buy a new rig it will be a GMC w/Duramax, unless Dodge comes out with something better.

Was wondering why you opt. for the short bed?

05-01-2002, 02:34 AM
thanks, yes i love it!

i prefer the ride of the short bed and turning radius, parking and look.

i never haul much in the bed, it seems i always have a trailer attached.

AK Lawn
05-01-2002, 03:53 AM
Mykster- I take it you have not heard about the new Cummings, it is supposed to walk on the Duramax! they almost doubled every spec on the engine, there was a post a few weeks back on the the new dodge check it out very impressive, the new duramax is awsome though, is was leaning that way but ended up getting my 01' 2500 V10 for 29,000 15 months ago, and i love it they wanted to much for the Duramax, my V10 has all the power i could hope for just lacks oin mileage very much so! but take a look at the new Cummings i think you will be plesantly surprised
AK Lawn

05-03-2002, 09:31 AM
one thing that i have heard is that the alumiume heads will worp .Is that a true statement? other than that it sound very quite .

05-04-2002, 12:09 AM
The fuel filler neck on the Duramax is too small to accomadate the larger fuel nozzles at truck stops. Fords and Dodges have no problems. I got mine from this company- http://www.transferflow.com/ . Now I can get diesel fuel anywhere.

05-04-2002, 12:21 AM
Dave, I'll get you a photo of before and after. Bob

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Randy J
05-04-2002, 09:03 AM
The new Duramax sounds nice. The new Cummins (no "g" at the end) is going to be rated at 305 hp, and I believe something like 550 on torque. The one thing to keep in mind is the Cummins is a straight 6 diesel, like OTR trucks use. It tends to develop horsepower and torque at a lower RPM then either the Powerstroke or Duramax. It's also simpler to work on, and to upgrade. There are people running over 400 horsepower reliably out of a Cummins. And it's still rated for more miles before overhaul than the other 2. I think all 3 are fine motors, but I sure like my Cummins.

05-04-2002, 10:56 PM
I too have heard that the Duramax heads will warp and begin leaking by about 100K. Aluminum heads on a cast iron block :rolleyes: duh.

As for Cummins being the easiest to upgrade power wise?? THAT isn't what I have heard, but I am not trying to start a fight, OK. If I could get a Cummins in a F250 there would be some hard thinking to do. A friend bought a new Ram 2500 Cummins about a month after I bought my F250, he has the 6 spd trans. same gearing in the rear end, and runs about 300 RPM more at 75 than what I do. His truck any way runs more RPM than my PS, I couldn't believe it. I had always heard the Dodges were a low RPM engine.

A person would have a hard time prying my 2000 F250 PS out of my dead hands.

Randy J
05-05-2002, 08:24 AM
Well, for about $450 - $1000, I can get 300+ horsepower at the wheels in my cummins, and mine is the auto. Your friends is the high performance engine, so it already starts higher. Injectors and a timing box is all that is needed. Or if you want to get crazy, you can add a fueling box, and even bigger injectors. Then a turbo to cool it better, a new clutch to hold the power better... Yeah, it can get pretty expensive, but to make plenty of usable power, it's cheap. As for the RPM, I'm not sure about the highway speed RPM's of the 6 speed. At 70 mph, I'm turning just under 2000 rpm on mine (auto w/ 3:54 rear end). But the Cummins makes its power lower in the RPM band than the Powerstroke or Duramax. As I said, I'm sure all three are good motors.

05-05-2002, 10:01 AM
For $450 I can get in excess of 300 hp and 700 to 800 lbs of torque, which in a diesel torque is what makes the most use able power. Currently I am running a 75hp upgrade on my PS, I am not sure what the torque upgrade is, some where around 150lbs I think. I could go as high as 120hp. That is the addition of a power chip on the Power Stroke, but then you MUST be concerned about getting the exhaust temps too high and melting down the turbo. A friend has a performance biz, so I can pull my chip off and have him play with it when ever I want to, some time I might have him burn the chip hotter, but for pulling a lawn trailer it was working fine with the factory power, but I am one of those guys that thinks too much power is just about right, so it is fun to have 75hp more. I am not argueing with you Randy, the Cummins and PS are great engines, but before I would trust a Duramax they need to be out longer and see what 200k, 300k miles does to the engine. The head and block combo concern me some.

Randy J
05-05-2002, 01:55 PM
Originally posted by Brickman Lawn Care
but before I would trust a Duramax they need to be out longer and see what 200k, 300k miles does to the engine. The head and block combo concern me some. [/B]
On this we definately agree. I hope it does turn out to be a good engine. I'm not ready to bash aluminum heads with cast blocks as I have a VW Jetta diesel with that setup, and I hope it turns out to be a good car (has so far - 42,000 miles). I'm glad you're happy with your powerstroke, I know Ford makes a good truck.

P.S. Oh for the record, the horsepower increase I was talking about on the Cummins, also leads to a torque increase.

05-07-2002, 02:05 AM
The whole aluminum heads with iron block myth is just that, a myth. There are owners of Duramax trucks posting in other forums with well over 100-200 K and one broker that has over 320,000 miles with no engine problems the last time I checked. The Duramax can also be made to generate close to 400 HP and 700 lb/ft of torque at the rear wheels for $700-900. It also has a tranny that can take that additional power with sensors that ****** power if it senses slippage. Unlike the aluminum head rumors, the Dodge and pre-99 Ford auto tranny problems are well documented. This new Cummins sounds like it will be great, and there is no doubt they are the HP freaks engine of choice but the upgraded tranny has NO internal mods (compared to the old slushbox that could not handle the current Cummins power)to help it handle the power of this new engine and relies solely on electronic mods to keep it together. Rumor (yes, rumor) has it they are trying to rush a better tranny to market, as they lost the opportunity to get the Allison(owned by GM) when they sued AM General (also GM) for the grille design similarity between the new Hummer H2 and the Wrangler.

Randy J
05-07-2002, 10:10 AM
As far as I know, there has never been any push to get the Allison in a Dodge. There were occasionally rumors on the TDR website, but always were debunked. The Allison sounds like a good transmission, but it is limited in the amount of torque it can take also, and I personally wouldn't care for how much it downshifts. The Dodge auto transmission is weak, no doubt, but can be upgraded to handle as much horsepower as you want to throw at it. The biggest horsepower pushers are switching from manuals (because they keep breaking them) to autos - I should mention that's the drag racers, the haulers are still using the manuals. The new transmission is going to be just that, new, albeit still basically a 727. Last I read about it was that it will have 5 forward gears instead of 4, and will be able to handle the torque. So the engine for the auto will have the same horsepower as the manual. Don't know anything about the Ford transmissions.
I'm not sure about aluminum heads in a high compression engine, but time will tell. One thing that can't be argued though is the fact that the Cummins is still straight 6 simplicity.


05-07-2002, 10:43 AM
Randy J, as I stated, that was a rumor that they were trying to get the Allison in the Dodge. I do agree the Cummins is a good engine, but Dodge admitted at the press launch that the tranny will only be modified "electronically" to handle the increase in power and torque. The quote was "transmissions from the 2002 Dodge Ram Heavy Duty pickups. No mechanical or physical changes were made. Instead, the Cummin's 60hp / 50ft-lbs increase in power and torque, "is handled by beefing up the transmission electronically." If this is true, the only way I know to electronically modify the tranny for the increase in power is to de-power the engine under certain conditions to prevent damage. I ( and I am in the minority among my group) like the looks of the new Ram, and I may consider one down the road, if the make a real crew cab, instead of the 3/4 crew they are currently making. That and the driveline turns out to be reliable. I can't wait for the new G2 Powerstroke and the new H.O. Cummins owners to get all the stories of mass problems thrown at them, as the Duramax owners have. Interestingly, whenever someone asks for the dealership name and the truck's serial # that is having the problem, the poster does not reply, or avoids answering the question. It is the way is will always be...envy breeds it.

05-10-2002, 11:04 PM
I work at a gas station, and a customer who's a landscaper just bought a twin to your truck. He told me he test drove every truck, and a ford in the same specs, was $39k. He told me he paid $35k for it. He has a house on montauck,LI and drives out there a lot. He gets like 14-16 around town, and around 21 on the highway. He had a ford F350 XLT supercab shortbed, DRW and he likes the chevy duramax a lot better.


05-11-2002, 01:07 AM
This diesel thing is going to last for a long time. Dodge seems to have the most reliable and durable engine. The 2nd gen p.s. will be a 6 litre engine with more horses. The duramax is still to new to have all of the bugs out of it. The marine version of the b5.9 cummins is rated at over 500 horses! Does that mean that we will see a 450+horse cummins bone stock in the future?

05-11-2002, 01:17 AM
Actually the 6 litre PS is gen 3. In 99 the gen 2s came out. To anwser the question on the power going up I would say yes that we will see increases on a regular basis. I dunno if we will see 450 HP any time soon, but increases like the last several years. One year Ford puts theirs up, the next year Dodge and Chevy do. The next year Ford is up again. It will never end.
My PS is rated for like 235 HP and 520 lbs of torque out of the box. With the addition of a chip (where I get my chip, I could have it burned any where from 50 HP to 140 HP upgrade from factory) P S engines have been seen to turn out in excess of 450 HP and in the area of 800 lbs of torque. Add larger exhaust, bigger turbo, bigger inter cooler, propane injection, and ponies will grow from there.

I had my truck turning at one time around 313 HP and over 700 lbs of torque. That was a bad azzz truck. It is less (different, lower HP chip) than that now but still runs very well.

05-11-2002, 02:00 AM
My dad bought one of the very first duramax's out, and he pulls a big a$$ boat all over the place from chicago to texas to virgina .Not one problem yet.
The old man can haul a$$ and he loves that truck.
The one we got for business is a one ton duelly pickup and so far we absolutely love it and the big gm employee discount we got to.