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East Coast Lawn Choppers
09-12-2009, 07:05 PM
Does anyone have the specs for a FH541V for the head, intake, rod, crankcase cover. I need to go and buy the catalogs unless there is a new site to get them from. The kawpowr site doesn't have them anymore. I need the specs for the FH430V, the FH541V, FH500V and then a lot more, but for now the FH541 I need asap...
P.S. if anyone knows of online site please let us know. I miss the kawpowr site....

09-12-2009, 09:33 PM
Check your PM's.......

09-13-2009, 01:14 AM
head bolts. 19 ft-lb
torque sequense croos.

con rod big end caps. 52 in-lb
fh541v. 87 in-lb only
crankcase bolts. 19ft-lb
valve clearance int and exha 0.004-0.006
this spec, work's for fh451v to fh 471v.

for fh430 not sure yet, I let you know later.