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SunState Lawn Care inc
09-12-2009, 06:43 PM
What do you guys do with the old sod when you cut it out to resod a lawn? Do you haul it to the dump call for a roll off or fork it on a trailer and fork it off? I keep getting calls to do sod work but hate it. I told the wife I may have to start doing it more then I like.

WE only really do it for our regular customers now or a small job every once in a while.

I am not set up for sod work on a big scale and never really got into it because we have always stayed busiey with regular maintenance and stump Grinding and really didn't have the time to go rent a sod cutter and so on. I am thinking about regrouping and getting a good used cutter and maybe a dump trailer or used dump truck and start doing it more often.


Timi The Sod Lover
12-24-2009, 09:32 PM
When I was doing it, we had a hydrolic dump trailer we would load it into and haul it off to the nearest clean fill site.

You dont need a whole lot equipment and you should even be able to rent if necessary.

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