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09-14-2009, 10:42 PM
Ok, so I know some people take the easy way out of things and do the half way. But was kind of stumped when potenial customer asked if I would cut the cable for the invisible fencing. They proceeded to tell me that it was only 2" underground. I have never dealt with this fencing, and honestly don't think it is only 2" under. Anyone have any insight on how deep these are recommended to be installed? Thought I would just mark the area really well and not do it where cable is located.

09-15-2009, 12:32 AM
Find out if they installed it or not. If the homeowner did, I bet they didn't go too deep. Even if the cable is 2" down, the aerator would still get it because you'll probably be pulling plugs at least 2.5-2.75" or more.

Here's an idea, if they have a dog with the security collar on it, lead the dog around the perimeter of the property. Where the dog won't go any futher then there is the line.....Just an idea.

09-15-2009, 04:12 AM
The Collars that I have seen usually have a sensory button you can turn them on and they will have a beep that you can use to find where the cables are running. If this isn't an option usually I just talk to the client about if they have one where they think it is approximately and then just tell them well if it's 14" from the edge of the property I'll just leave a some space between the property edge and where I start aerating.

PS. Ask the owners if they would wear the collar and walk out of the boundary. If they won't... why would they put it on their pet?

I did this in a yard I aerated to see if it was a human way to to control my dog and well needless to say. I DO NOT have an electric fence.

09-15-2009, 10:49 PM
Invisible Pet Fence is supposed to be buried no deeper than 2 inches 3 at the very deepest or it will not work right. It is a loop antenne that sends a siginal to the collar the dog wears. Too deep and the radio waves will not go out right. We used to make a mcahine for installing the wire and did a lot of install demos. If you cut the wire you will have a real mess on your hands trying to find the cut end and repair it.

AI Inc
09-16-2009, 07:18 AM
Look for the cut in the driveway. See how far back that is from the street and stay that far back. Then se where it comes out of the house , that run should be a straight shot to the property edge.

09-16-2009, 09:26 AM
We've got an invisable fence around our back yard which is a little over an acre. It was installed by the previous owner & now used by us. I have the same issue when I aerate.Take one of the collars & move it slowly above the ground until you can feel it vibrating then mark the area. I use some left over invisable fence flags I have. Our fence will vary more than 2' from the edge of the property from front to back. If you have one of the beeping collars keep in mind that the distance the collars will beep from the fence is set at the invisable fence transmitter in the house. It is adjustable & can be set to alert the dog/collar from 1' to several feet away.

09-16-2009, 12:32 PM
yes, this does happen...we cut one last year and had a $150 + repair bill to pay - hence did the aeration for free!

09-16-2009, 08:59 PM
Cut one 2 days ago - owner didn't tell me they had one and I didn't ask - my bad (she wouldn't let me pay tho - she's a good friend worth about $15 million). Saw the repair man today - where I cut line was the only place in 1+ acres that line was in the lawn - he said they bury 2"-4" deep.