View Full Version : Need Help- Worn out Belt??

09-16-2009, 12:55 PM
My 52" Turf Tracer is having somewhat a problem. I thought it was the PTO Clutch, but new one is replace but problem still exist. This just started yesterday. When engage PTO for blade, the motor slow down quite a bit and alot of vibration. But with many today testing, I notice if the mower run slow and then turn on the blades, while turning up to fast speed its better than starting the blade in mid speed. Starting the blade at mid to fast speed, just turn out alot of vibrantaion and motor lose power. Overall, it don't seem right. Can a worn belt do this?? I know motor runs strong and new clutch is just put in after the problem, but the problem still there. Again, I'm leaning toward worn out belt but want to ask you guys for advise or opinion.

09-16-2009, 03:43 PM
UPDATE: After working on the mower doing some experiment, putting back my old clutch with the same bad outcome as new clutch. Deck and drive belts was also replace, didn't't solve the problem. Still a major vibrations when blade are engage ( by the way, the blades are fine). After trying to think what the hell wrong with this, I wanted just to go ahead and check the spark plugs, One was fine, but the other one look like wet like it wasn't't getting fire up, or spark plug wire didn't't connect all the way, or bad spark plug overall. So Basically the mower was running half of power and didn't't have enough power to get the blades and hydro going at the same time with one spark plug, so there where the all that vibrations coming from. After Replacing both sparks plugs, everything seem to be fine. Just wanted to post this so that anyone searching of similar problems. I really thought it was something to do with the belt or clutch PTO ( total $345) when it was just a $5 spark plug problem.