View Full Version : Echo Trimmer momentary engine cutout

09-21-2009, 09:30 PM
I have a srm210 with the Vortex 21.2 cc engine. at wot (or near), it will occasionally drop silent for approximately half a second, and then continue on as normal. it happens every dozen seconds or so. it doesn't happen at lower power levels. i watched the throttle cable the other day and it remains wide open throughout, so it's not me causing this. other than this, it works fine. starts easy, could idle until dry, and it has never died on me. it's approximately 8 months old and i've run stihl 2 stroke oil at 50:1 since i bought it.

this isn't causing any problems since the engine keeps going after the ~0.5 seconds of silence, and it's not like you need wot on a trimmer that often. it's just that i've really noticed this problem recently and i'm wondering what it is, because nothing else I own does it. it's still under warranty (i think; i never seem to need warranties), so if it's a sign of a bad engine, i'd rather know now than when it dies 2 days after the warranty. i'm going to check the exhaust system as soon as i can get my hands on a torx 27. (ps if you cant tell by now, im not a landscaper; hope you don't mind that im posting here, but this is by far the most active forum my google search brought up.)