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10-01-2009, 06:12 PM
I need help to fix my exmark 36" walk behind,kawasaki 12.5.

I have a hard time getting it to start..about a month ago it started and ran for a bit now it will not start...I have replaced the plug..put a new fuel filter in it...dumped the gas tank..cleaned up the carb and bowl still will not start...there is some exhaused the comes out of muffler when I pull the string but it will not start...any ideas?

10-01-2009, 07:26 PM
Is the choke butterfly closing completely ?

10-01-2009, 08:24 PM
Yes sir it is I belive

10-01-2009, 09:01 PM
I belive

We need to double check this to be SURE it's closing tight, Quite a few engines just don't like to cold start without FULL choke.

Also, While your there look on the engine block maybe around the dipstick tube. There should be a white bar code label, Post both the model AND spec numbers off this label.

I.M. Green
10-01-2009, 09:38 PM
I would also check your safety switches, try jumping them and see if it starts. If it does start narrowing it down to which one it is and replace it. I'm not saying it's not the carb just trying to give you some other options. Good luck!

DT Lawn Care
10-01-2009, 11:41 PM
Try using ether (starting fluid) down the intake, if you don't get any action at all, you have an alternative problem, probably a switch isn't activating or something in the wiring. As Restro said, check to make sure the choke closes COMPLETELY, I was having a problem with my Gravely 50", I would have to cold start it with starting fluid, it just would not start. Warm start, it was fine, still needs choke. Well, I finally got sick of cold starting with ether, so I checked it out. Turns out an adjusting screw in the linkages had loosened itself quite a bit, and wasn't giving the carb full choke. Tightened the screw up, closed the choke fully, and it now starts on the first pull even in cold conditions. So ya, make sure you're getting full choke. Good Luck

B&A lawn care
10-02-2009, 12:40 PM
We have the same mower, had same engine always with some kind of starting problem it seemed. Considering you have checked other obvious things that go wrong with ours was always one of these three things. Start with the choke because it is easy to check and it will NOT start if the choke does not close completely. Second thing is check spark, if none disable the safety system (please do not leave it that way) and check again. To disable look over on the right side of the motor and you will notice the chassis wiring harness comes down to 2 wires and plugs into the primary side of the ignition system. You need to unhook one or both of the wires, There is a plug if I remember right if not you unscrew the one that attaches to the ignitor module just under the shroud, again on the right side. Only three parts to the ignition system, coil, ignitor and the switch/grounding to kill the motor. Once you have the safety's unhooked and are sure the grounding wire/switch is OK and the air gap is OK on the coil you replace the coil and ignitor. I was always advised to do both at the same time and they aint cheap, take a C-note along on that parts trip. The last thing we had trouble with was the intake valve would loose clearance and thus be held open enough to prevent starting. Once it got so tight the motor wouldn't start but would pop as you describe, you will also notice considerable gas blow back into the carb when starting or at idle if this is the problem. Had this happen three times. Finally got tired of the 12.5 kaw circus, put a Honda on it and used the Kaw for target practice.

10-03-2009, 07:24 PM
well I finally got it to start using starting fluid It ran then it finally cut off.then I went to start it again and only way it starts is starting fluid.But it did back fire a lot. once it starts it only runs for a bit.The choke seems to be closed when I put the lever on start up top.any ideas?

10-03-2009, 08:50 PM
Take a look at this thread; http://www.lawnsite.com/showthread.php?p=2055867&posted=1#post2055867

Then do the same thing to your carb.......

11-03-2009, 11:55 AM
I finally got the mower to run!
only problem is now a bunch of oil comes out of exhaust and a lot of smoke.So I'm sure it would have to do with a gasket messed up..but it runs.So if anyone can direct me to replaceing a gasket..not sure what tho..I never have worked on small engines..I just need to get it running right so I can sell it.any tips would be great.

11-03-2009, 06:49 PM
Check the oil level, Is it overfull ? Smell like fuel ?

The float needle valve may have let fuel flood into the crankcase, This would cause oil/smoke out of the muffler.

11-04-2009, 06:36 PM
Since a lot of the oil came out of the exhuast,there is not much oil left in it.look like just at bottom of dipstick.I only ran it for a few min.It did not smell like fuel.just when it was running it had a lot of smoke.So not sure what t odo next.maybe change oil the nstart it again.see what happends.Maybe a messed up oil ring? Please advise.Thank you

11-04-2009, 08:53 PM
Fill it back up to the full mark and try it again, If it blows the oil out the muffler again you have some major problems......

11-17-2009, 11:23 AM
well I filled up the oil again still same thing.It starts fine now but oil still comes out exshaust.So I'm sure I will have to take engine apart.What will I need to replace oil rings? Also is the any refrence materials I can look at for engine dissasembly.There seems to be oil where spark plug is as well.

Thank You

06-09-2011, 10:16 PM
Hope this helps>>>
I didn't have any prior problems with my mower until I went to start it and smoke was everywhere, and was also coming through the exhaust and muffler. Realized the float in the bowl underneath the carb was staying open causing constant flooding. After changing the oil,(because gas was in there also), cleaned the float bowl, and restarted. It smoked for a while burning off all the oil that was in the muffler....but is ok now.