View Full Version : BR 550 Fuel Filter

10-09-2009, 12:05 AM
Im trying to order some blades and fiters from exspress mower parts and wanting to some new fuel filters for my 2stroke stuff. Im not at my tools now but do they have 3/16" or 1/8" lines???

Choices are
up to 33cc Walbro 3/16" Fuel line $1.95
up to 80cc Walbro 3/16" $2.45
small cc Zama 3/16" $1.85
large cc sama 1/8" $2.45

I guessing need the large cc for the blower
Im also wanting to get a filter for my km110 (small cc?) and HS 45 pruner also small? I think they were around a 27cc motor if that sounds right