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05-07-2002, 09:47 PM
Just wondered how you hook the controller wire on the cable plow when your pulling in the header lines. id like a little extra at each valve so i dont have to cut it in half and then splice it all back toegether again. there must be a trick to it? do you add a loop every so many feet of pipe so its already there??? I only want one cut at each valve for the appropiate wire color. I used to put all my valves in one location and then work out from there but im getting bigger installs now and have to change the way I do business. I searched this question and didnt find the answer.
Thanks in advance for your responses


05-08-2002, 10:43 AM
I use slip x slip valves and put them on a 4.5" stub off the main. I use minimum 9" stubs between valves and that will let the small round boxes have enough space to be properly set. We allow about 6 feet of extra wire for each loop when we pull in. Wire is stuffed right in the grip with the pipe and maybe a wrap or 2 of duct tape around pipe/wire for good measure.

Frequently we'll put a valve at 90 degree turns in the main. We don't waste a hole and it is a good place to wack the wire so the length isn't ridiculous and make a full splice there. We always use 13 conductor wire and maintain the color match. If we have more than 12 zpones we add a second 13 wire for part of the system.

05-08-2002, 11:24 AM
so you put in 6 ft of extra wire. at the end of the run and then pull it back or are you digging the holes for the valve boxes first and then trenching to them and then pulling the wire up out of the hole. I only want to cut the wire once at the appropiate valve
so i need a extra loop so i can skin back the coating or sheath and pull out and cut just one wire. Or am igoing about it the wrong way?? Thanks again for your detailed response


05-08-2002, 06:21 PM
6 ft per valve and pull back to the valve starting at he farthest end from the extra slack wire. I like about an 18" loop above the top of my box so I can sit my fat a.s on something and do my splicing.

I flag the whole job including valve locations. Then I pull all my poly laterals. If I'm gonna put 2 valves on the opposite sides of the main from each other I'll make one long pull perpendicular to the main and to what ever heads on both zones I want to go to. When I'm going through the main area, I lift the blade out of the ground and drop back in on the other side in one continuous pull. Since the poly is now on top where I want to pull main and wire I cut it, put a pinch duct tape on the each end and slide each piece back a few inches till flush with the ground. Then I pull main and wire when all done with poly. No hole digging till all pipe is in the ground.

I generally put 90 degree els on my pvc main so I don't have pipe with a bend to cut a valve T into. Thats bad.