View Full Version : This guy came up and asked if I was spraying pesticides

Albemarle Lawn
05-12-2002, 10:21 PM
We were spraying at a store.

I said no, just roundup weed killer.

He said, "DAMN! I was gonna get you to spray inside my pants"

Gotta be rough living with something that don't wash off. I heard those crabs bite hard!

Darryl G
05-12-2002, 10:22 PM
Since when isn't round up weed killer a pesticide?

Albemarle Lawn
05-12-2002, 10:23 PM
weed killer=herbidice
insect control=pesticide

Darryl G
05-12-2002, 10:30 PM
Do you have your pesticide license? If you do, you should know that herbicides are indeed pesticides. They are pesticides for plants. Pesticides include herbicides, insecticides (for insects), rodenticides (for rodents), alagcides (for algae), fungicides (for fungus) etc. They are all considered pesticides, just for different pests.

05-12-2002, 10:42 PM
Albemarle, thanks for the info I didn't know that was the difference.

John Allin
05-12-2002, 10:56 PM
The nice thing about this forum is that some of these types of questions can be answered without repercussion. This is how we (as a group) can educate each other.

It's nice we have this forum..... isn't it??

05-12-2002, 11:10 PM
Aohhhhhhhhhhh, K.?:rolleyes:

05-12-2002, 11:11 PM
Okay, I was being a smart azz.
That was the first thing our instructor tried to catch us all on the first class test.

05-13-2002, 01:29 PM
i still agree with albemarle lawn.
it takes a pesticide license,but in my opinion theres a difference between a pesticide and herbicide . no biggee tho.

05-13-2002, 02:14 PM
You should have said "Sure, drop your pants, that will be $75.00"

We take care of a large health care system with several large hospitals. People are always approaching the employees with requests to pee in bottles and go inside and take a test for me. Picture ID's and temperature sentisive bottles have diminished these requests in the last few years though.

Several years ago, one of my employees who is a brittle diabetic was approached in front of a methadone clinic at 8th&giuard in Phiily. Guy says he will pay him to pee in the jar. My guys says he doesn't want his pee because he is a brittle diabetic. Guy says he doesn't care and offers him a $100.00. My guy takes the money and pee's in the bottle. Twenty minutes later, the guy comes out of the clinic shaking his head, goes up to my guy and tells him according to the urine test, he died two days ago.

05-13-2002, 04:25 PM
herbicides, and pesticides fall under the same category=pesticides

Darryl G
05-13-2002, 04:45 PM
amw- I think you're missing my point. Herbicides ARE pesticides. They are pesticides for plant control. Insecticides are pesticides for insect control. In my opinion, anyone who doesn't know that should not be applying them, license or not.

Craig Turf Management
05-13-2002, 05:14 PM
Darryl is correct.

Weeds as well as insects are labeled as pests.
We treat weed pests with herbicides.
We treat insect pests with insecticides.
Rodent pests are treated with rodenticide.
Bill Craig!

Albemarle Lawn
05-14-2002, 12:34 AM
Apllicator's License cover both pesticides and herbicicides.

Next time I get a request I'll have to remember fireball's post and charge a fee for STD extermination.


Darryl G
05-14-2002, 12:49 AM
Albemarle - I'm not trying to pick a fight here, but you don't seem to understand. HERBICIDES ARE A TYPE OF PESTICIDE. Yes, a pesticide applicators license would cover herbicide use, because they are pesticides.

The reason I am stressing this is that many people don't think that herbicides are pesticides and therefore that they don't need a license to apply them. That could get someone in serious trouble.

I apologize for repeating my self but I don't feel like I'm getting through to you.

05-14-2002, 01:16 AM
Take for instance an exterminator. He has a pesticide license, too, but his may be for insects and rodents only. (rodentide is used, various forms - liquid, pellet, gas) This would not give him the certification or license to spread herbicide on turf or ornamental areas. (category 3a and 3b here in Michigan.) On the other hand, I could have my turf management certification and licence, which is a pestide licence, but I still wouldn't be able to go fumigate someone's silo for rats. DIFFerent pesticide licence.
Algaecide - algae
biocide - microbial organisms
fungicide - fungi
insecticide - insects and other related animals
herbicide - weeds
miticide - mites
nematicides - nematodes
rodenticide - rodents
avicide - birds
piscicide - fish
molluscicide - slugs and nails
ovicide - eggs of organisms
predacide - vertebrates
These are all pesticides. Plus, there are other chemicals classified as pesticides that do not bear the suffix -cide.
Growth regulator - Modifies plant or insect development
defoliant - removes plant foliage
desiccant - dries plant foliage
repellant - diverts a pest ( Yard Gaurd is an example)
attractant - lures a pest
pheromone - may attract pests or disrupt behavior
sterilant - renders pest unable to reproduce.
These are all pesticides as well. Plus there are different categories and types. (i.e. general use and restricted use)

05-14-2002, 01:51 AM
...and don't forget about one of our favorite pest controls:


No license, registration, or charter required either! :D

Big G
05-14-2002, 09:52 AM

Where do you get SCRUBACIDES? Send me 1cs please!

Big G

05-14-2002, 08:21 PM
this truly is a nice forum ;)