View Full Version : What engines will switch out pretty straight with a Kawasaki 19H.P. FH580V Kai

11-13-2009, 09:18 PM
Hey we need to pull the engine off our 1 1/2 year old Exmark TTHP and switch it out with something. We where thinking a Kohler Command 18H.P. our a briggs and stratton Vangard 20 H.P. do you all know of any engines other then these thyat will switch out pretty good.

Or do you know any about these engines and how they will switch out?


11-13-2009, 11:29 PM
1 1/2 years,what happend?

11-14-2009, 08:01 AM

Most engines within the same hp size will have the same mounting bolt pattern, Things to look for is crankshaft out-put diameter and length.

Also throttle/choke controls, Both on one cable or separate or in a location on the replacement engine that the original cable(s) will reach . Most engines have a different style wire harness plug connector, Use short jumper wires made up with the correct terminals on each end to adapt a different engine. This prevents both unit and engine harness butchering should you want to return to a original unit/engine configuration.

East Coast Lawn Choppers
11-14-2009, 09:57 AM
What happened to the engine ? we usually don't do anything but change oil in them for atleast 1000 hours. Even then just freshen them up new rings seals and valve job and they go for another 1000

11-14-2009, 07:56 PM
which time

it has been in the shop atleast 12 times since owning it

blade engagement twice, almost every different bolt that could fall off has.

blades used to come flying off for no reason, even though they swore nothing was wrong with them, eventually we went to a different dealer and they changed the blade bolts out to a different kind and now they have never came off once, even though they say that isn't the reason, Of course it was operatot problems, either not use impact wrench or becuase we where using one, depending on which worker we got and what one we told them we where using to put them on.

had the head gaskets replaced multiple times, rings,valves I believe as well.

This time is was running fine all the sudden it started shaking the employee disengaged the blades yelled and waved his hands at me and as I was walking over total time of about 10-15 seconds maybe atmost. And then right as I was getting their bang SO I shut it off and wouldn't you know their is a small pen sized whole in the side of the engine block just above and to the right of the oil filter.

So there you have it a $7,000 Dollar paper weight made by a company who does not stand behind their product. Or should I say two companies Exmark and Kawasaki

11-14-2009, 07:58 PM
all help appreciated.

11-14-2009, 08:30 PM
I hate to say it but it sounds like a low oil problem.
Do you check the oil frequently, with the dipstick merely resting on the closure?
If you twist it in, you'll get a wrong reading (too low).
Just thought I'd mention this.


Exmark Turf Tracer HP
Original Engine: Kawasaki FH500V-BS06

This engine has a 1"x3-5/32" Shaft on it and is recoil start without an electric clutch.

I believe THIS will fit (but read below):

This particular engine is on one of my Toro 48" fixed decks, they're basically
the same mower as yours, however some minor modification was required
in the throttle and connections department...
Also I have had some mechanical issues with it, thou nothing requiring inner workings, let's see...
The choke butterfly valve required "adjusting," twice...
The muffler had a screw missing from one of the brackets, later it cracked and had to be welded, then replaced.
A valve lifter came off during break-in, simply tightening this back down fixed it, but it was a bit un-nerving.

They are not trouble free, but I have three of this particular model and so long they're taken care of, they run for a long time.
You can NOT run these low on oil!

Last but not least there is NO warranty on this engine, enough said.

Peace out

Steve's Used Iron
11-14-2009, 08:39 PM
Another think i love about KAW is that you try and call them for TECH ADVICE ...NO they will not even talk to you. I wish these machines came with a HONDA or at least another option.

11-14-2009, 09:01 PM
On another note, any of the following should work:
CV15T 41624, 41629 and 41582

Another think i love about KAW is that you try and call them for TECH ADVICE ...NO they will not even talk to you. I wish these machines came with a HONDA or at least another option.

I hear you, Kohler's the same way, they will NOT cover their engines even an hour after it was installed.
Yes sir, when that valve came loose NOBODY would touch it, the engine had ran maybe 2 hours, man it still SMELLED new ...
I mean come on, I don't carry this "new engine smell" stuff in a can so I can spray off a 10-year old engine, you know?
It didn't have a scratch on it, I never even "ran" the mower proper so no grass or dirt, all right maybe a fingerprint, geez.
But that's not the worst part, I could probably tolerate that...

If it were not for the fact that the sellers of these engines AND the Kohler web site ALL claim their engines are covered
by such-and-such unconditional and great grandiose manufacturing warranty, etc, etc, etc...
That's what pisses me off, their big bad claims...

I can order an engine local AND they will cover it.
But it also costs well in excess of a thousand dollars, like 1300-1500 bucks.

I'm guessing even the distributors don't get no satisfaction, they just charge us the price of two engines?
Why I said, NO warranty...

11-16-2009, 09:11 PM
thanks for the ideas Top but I don't think we will be putting a 15 horsepower on this mower especially for that exact same price I can get a new Vangard 20 H.P. Electric start.

I know I know everyone hates briggs.

Well I hate Kawasaki and Exmark, others love them so to each their own I guess.

11-16-2009, 11:04 PM
I know I know everyone hates briggs.

As you stated Dunn, To each their own......

With my experience and what I've seen over the years I'd own a Vanguard over ANY Command !


Now for the other part;

Can anyone call Ford/GM/Dodge etc...etc...etc and have them GIVE you technical advice on how to repair their vehicles ?????

Naaa.....That's what dealer networks are for, Will any of the above dealers GIVE you technical advice on how to repair your vehicle ?????

Naaa......Dealer's are in the business to make money just like anyone else by having you bring your vehicle in to them for repair.

Should any other product manufacturer be any different than the above if they also have a dealer network ?????

Naaa.....Don't believe so.....

As for OEM warranty bashing...... Come a little closer, I've got a secret to tell you;

OEM's rely on the eye's of their dealer network to make warranty decision's since they can not see/check the problem area themselves, Therefore the OEM only follows what the dealer recommends. If said dealer has not been properly trained in failure analysis some customer's will get a raw deal. So, It's not that said OEM will not cover a warranty issue it's the dealer. So bash your dealer instead.

I've never had any issues getting a warranty claim paid, I've even gotten a few "good will" (out of warranty) warranty's taken care of. I call it like I see it, But once I explain in detail to the customer what happened they are fine with the diagnosis. If not they have the option of taking it to another dealer for a second opinion, But I don't recall that happening.

One other thing, It has been mentioned by several OEM's that discount warehouse purchased engines will NOT be covered under the OEM warranty, So before you purchase one of these engines double check on how the warranty will be handled. I heard SEW has a couple guy's in the back that pieces theirs back together for warranty.....