View Full Version : bidding raised planter beds

11-27-2009, 05:17 PM
got a question...... im doing some work for a church here in the area and have got a question on how to bid some beds. they are wanting 2 beds made and im not sure how much time it will take. the beds will be about 25x5 serpentined and 5 rows tall( kinda a lop sided kidney bean--if that makes sense). the blocks will be provided by them as well as the topsoil for the infill. i believe they are the keystone 8” Compac II Straight Face.
the area the beds are going in is filled with crushed rock so the drainage will be good. should i worry about putting in drain pipe in the beds or not worry about it because of the base? once the irrigation system is installed they want the beds made and then a walkway with pavers. basically what should i charge per foot for the install of the beds?