View Full Version : Best Alternative Fueled All-Purpose Truck for newbie

01-08-2010, 04:25 PM
Hey all,

Lawnsite virgin here..
After 10+ years of working non-profit, government, and for-profit management positions in the green industry, I'm thinking about starting a small weekend landscaping business and seeing if it grows.

I've driven just about every type of truck out there, but in YOUR mind, what's the best ALL PURPOSE used truck under $15,000?

I anticipate:
1.) Hauling mulch and gravel
2.) Eventually hauling a trailer/skid steer
5.) Maybe doing some plowing

Do you prefer extended cabs for hauling bodies around?
How about a dump bed? (on a 3/4 ton)?
Tailgate lift?

Any special features I shouldn't go without or would make my life easier?

Has anyone used Ford's propane powered F-150 or a CNG truck? Cleveland and the county are cracking down on particulate emissions and I want to be ahead of the curve or at least use it as a marketing ploy.

I'd prefer a diesel engine.

I need something light on the wallet at first, then I'll upgrade after a few years.

Thoughts? Thanks in advance,