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01-15-2010, 02:25 AM
New member from north central FL. Have a small 16 acre horse farm. Day job keeps me out of town 4-5 day's a week but my interests and hobbies include farm equipment, military vehicles, and working on anything that comes apart. I grew up with John Deere and Ford and bleed blue, green, and yellow when I'm cut. Although my current JD is built in Japan and has a Yanmar engine it suits me well, it's a great machine. My neighbor moved a few years ago and offerend me his Kubota F2560 for less than half of list price with about 300 hrs on it so I jumped on that while cringing at the orange color. I've gotta say I've been completely satisfied with the machine and wouldn't want anything other than it for my finish cut needs on the farm. I've become a big Echo fan and am looking foward to expanding the line when I can kill a few cheapy tools I have. I've alway's wanted to do a lawn service of some sort when I was a child but my day job is way easier and pay's steady. I have tossed around the idea of doing something small since I have all of the equipment I would need to start out with an F-250 and 12' enclosed trailer with ramp I use for model airplanes. I'm big on maintenance and do all work and repairs myself and like to have equipment that I think will last a long time. I'm happy with what I have at this point except for the Craftsman stuff but I don't see the chainsaw dying anytime soon but the blower I bet will. I may just buy a bigger chainsaw and use the Craftsman 16" for the smaller stuff. When the blower dies I want a back pack, I have alot of leaves around here. Lot's of info on this board and I look foward to looking around.

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Sounds like your livin the life! The farm sound awesome. Holler if you need anything!