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03-27-2000, 09:07 PM
I am relatively new to landscape install jobs. When I get a good job I rent a skid steer with tooth bucket and harley rake. This seems to be the right equipment. The thing is , I want to purchase but it's a lot of bucks and I spend a lot of time doing turf maintenance which means I spend enough in mowers. I can't seem to find much in the way of good used skid steer.<br>Small jobs just get a rototiller, shovel and wheel barrow. I'm currently in physical therapy for a back injury so I'd really like to buy something.<br>How do the big timers prep soil?<br>

03-28-2000, 06:49 AM
Just a note<p>Harley is coming out with rakes to fit on the front end of mower units now. I don't know much about them, but they look usual for smaller jobs, though I doubt a mower has anywhere near the power to really dig into big jobs.<p>The harley/landpride power rakes are definitely the best way to go. I like the tractor mount myself because u can use the rake and loader without switching them over like the bobcat. As for altenatives, I've been down the york rake road and that doesn't compare to the power rakes. As of today, what you do already sounds like the most efficient way to me. And ya, it stinks because a harley rake set up is big $. Very hard to find used ones at this point. <p>I usuuall subcontract my harley rake work out these days. For 600, i get a experienced operator and 6 ft rake for the day. Its hard to rent, deliver, and pay someone else for the same amount, at least by me. I think its 350 to even 400 a day just to rent tractor with rake by me, ridiculous.

03-28-2000, 06:24 PM
Steveair:<p>I've thought of getting a tractor myself for the options plus you can bush hog or finish mow with it if you choose and used tractors are abundant at a much cheaper price than skid steers. <br>My question is, what is the smallest horse and size to accomadate attatchments such as front end loader, rear mount power rake, tiller, brillion seeder etc.?

03-28-2000, 08:27 PM
Hello, <br>I'm not really a true equipment specialist, so I can't give you exact HP ratings etc. All I know is we had a JD 855, which I think had around 20-25 HP, and that ran the 5 foot harley rake, but could of used a little more power when pulling bigger piles. <p>My friend has a 6 ft landpride and uses a larger kubota, can't remember model, (something like 4130 maybe, or not) but know its in the 35 HP range. That tractor pulls the rake, even with the scarifiers down, like a champ. Hard to stop the thing. <p>Definetly get 4wd on any tractor you look at. You will deeply regret it if you don't. Also, on the kubota, my friend took the front wheels and put them on backwards, which helped alot to stabilize the machine on steeper grades. I think this can be done with rear wheels too, but not sure. We just had to make sure not to overload the front bucket quite so much with the front tires turned.<p>Also, most smaller backhoes, tillers, etc., ran fine off of that 855. The bigger kubota is a lot nicer though for the power box. <p>I can't remember if the 5 ft model was hydraulic or PTO powered. The 6ft landpride was pto, so you will have to keep this in mind to. <p>Hopefully someone else can give you more precise info than this, but just figured I'd mention what I know.<br>

03-28-2000, 09:31 PM
OSC, The skid steer is fine for small jobs under one acre (about 5000 sq. yds) for larger jobs look to tractor with harly or landpride www.landpride.com I don't like loaders on my tractors they just get in the way but some people do. We use a combo of skid steers and tractors. It is cheaper to buy a tractor but skid steer can do more thing and lift more weight(like pallet of sod) if youbuy a tractor get a 4WD and at least 30 hp at pto more is better if wanting to mow with it most use 40-50 hp at pto. learning to grade with tractor can take sometime, stid steers are faster to learn but harder to control in most short wheel base equipment. <p>----------<br>paul<p><br>