View Full Version : Anyone have any connestions on land I might lease for hunting in SW Ohio?

Foggy Bottom
02-07-2010, 11:37 AM
I'm a 37 yr old farmer turned lawn care man from Georgia looking for land in SW Ohio to lease for deer and turkey hunting. I really want something in Highland, Brown, Adams counties or that area. I have a good 300gal. 24' boom sprayer with foam marker i'm willing to trade towards a lease. It cost just over $4k new 3 yrs ago. I'll add pics of it. I can also pay cash for a lease.

I'm looking for between 300 and 700 acres depending on the cost. I know people will give permission to hunt without leasing I would just like to manage the land for older bucks and take all the does the owner wants me to. I'm coming up to view a few farms in this area next weekend Feb 12 & 13 so if you have any info for me on this please let me know. Message me on here or call Joe at 706-974-8232