View Full Version : 2007 Hercules 6x12 enclosed trailer

02-14-2010, 12:07 PM
I can buy a 2007 hercules 6x12 enclosed trailer for 1500 and i am trying to figure if it is worth that or what it is worth. I havent seen many of these trailers for sale i know that homesteader makes them but just dont know what they are worth.

02-14-2010, 12:26 PM
If its in brand new condition with nothing wrong, certainly worth $1500. These trailers are all made relatively the same way and just check it out good before you buy. A 6x12 cant hold anything tooo big so you really cant overload them and if you take care of it, easily sellable for what you are paying for it after a few years.

02-19-2010, 07:48 PM
buy it, if you dont like it ill let you make a few bucks on me!