View Full Version : Few pics from last summer

MJM landscaping
02-25-2010, 02:06 PM
First one is a front walk redo. I reused most of the old brick after cleaning them up. Before:

MJM landscaping
02-25-2010, 02:07 PM
Next is the granite columns being placed.

MJM landscaping
02-25-2010, 02:09 PM
First wall almost done, still need to acid wash and clean up a bit:

MJM landscaping
02-25-2010, 02:11 PM
I re used this piece of granite, it was fun to cut but I think it turned out pretty good.

MJM landscaping
02-25-2010, 02:13 PM
And done for now. Of course the homeowners wanted to do thier own plantings.

MJM landscaping
02-25-2010, 02:16 PM
Here's a small paver section I did at my house.

MJM landscaping
02-25-2010, 02:19 PM
Here is a front walk. I didn't take any before shots. The granite compass in the middle of the circle pack covers the septic tank clean out. Should work out pretty good.

MJM landscaping
02-25-2010, 02:21 PM
Here's another shot.

MJM landscaping
02-25-2010, 02:24 PM
Cultured stone at my house, been using leftovers from jobs, pretty much an on going project.

MJM landscaping
02-25-2010, 02:27 PM
Here is a front stairs and walkway redo.

MJM landscaping
02-25-2010, 02:30 PM
Here is the demo. That little jack hammer worked really good. We demoed this in about 3 hours. Not bad considering the middle of the stairs were filled with large rocks and concrete.

MJM landscaping
02-25-2010, 02:32 PM
Last 2 of this job. Granite set and walkway done. I had to have the railings modified so no finished pics.

02-25-2010, 03:23 PM
the last job looks great i really like the granite steps, whats the top of the landing look like?

Crusher Run
02-25-2010, 03:26 PM
I like that entrance way with the compus in the center, very nice.

MJM landscaping
02-25-2010, 03:27 PM
The top of the landing is all solid granite. It has the textured finish like when the granite is thermal cut i think.

02-25-2010, 04:10 PM
How do the granite pieces come for the steps? How many pieces are there total? How much did that compass cost I think it look awesome. Nice work.

MJM landscaping
02-25-2010, 04:32 PM
The steps come in 7 pieces. The two steps are 13" deep, the sides are fillers, then the top is one solid piece. I believe the granite compass was around $400.

02-25-2010, 04:35 PM
Wow, you do some really nice work. You really know how to lay stone very well.

02-26-2010, 10:53 AM
That compass was a good idea. Nice work