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03-08-2010, 10:07 PM
I bought too much pallet racks for the amount of space we have. This stuff is almost brand new. No rust, and a very nice hunter green, almost glossy paint still. I also have some wire mesh shelves that can be laid into the beam so you do not have to make up 2x8's to make the shelves.
I have:
(6) 12foot uprights -$50 each (can be cut down if too tall to fit in your barn
(2) 10foot uprights - $50 each
(54) 8 foot beams - $4.75 each when you purchase uprights

For 1 pallet rack you will need 2 uprights; and for each shelf you will need 2 beams. (Basically $110 for 1 pallet rack w/ 1 shelf, add additional shelves for $10 each)
For 2 pallet racks side by side (with 1 shelf each)you will need 3 uprights and 4 beams($169 for 2 pallet racks side by side w/ 1 shelf each)equates out to $84.50 per pallet rack.

Everything is still on the trailer. It will all be off loaded tomorrow, and if anybody needs a picture of what pallet racks look like I will be able to post up some pics of it on Wednesday.

03-11-2010, 11:19 AM
What I have left:
4 uprights &
29 beams
We are just getting too busyfor me to keep checking on here to see if anybody posted anything for me. Please just call (937)470-7167 and I'll be able to fix you up with what ever you need.