View Full Version : Need help bidding 80k sqaure foot condo complex

03-09-2010, 09:56 PM
I'm bidding a condo complex of 17 units. It has about 80k square feet of lawn. There are 7 duplex's and 3 single unit condos. The roadway area needs to be done and each condo has lawn all around. Contact includes spring/fall cleanups, sand cleanup from winter, 4 fertilizer treatments, weekly mowing, weeding, bark mulch (15 yards). My preliminary prices are:
$200 per cut
$2000 for spring and fall cleanup (all debris blown into woods) lots of pine needles
$800 for fertilizer
$750 for mulch (15 yds)
$500 bed edging (500 ft)

Comes out to about $9k.

Does this sound about right?