View Full Version : Pipe Piper 100A

06-18-2002, 01:16 AM
Who makes these things, and how much do they cost? Can anyone post a pic of one of these? I am looking for a smaller sized pipe puller and I saw in a search a "Pipe Piper" Thanks.

06-18-2002, 07:54 AM
They sort of resemble a walk behind sod cutter or maybe they are. Rather than the sod blade they have a "conventional" vertical mounted pulling blade. I saw them demo'd years ago. Price was less than vib plow. Cut was neat. I don't know if you could bore under things with it. Just seemed too light a machine for some of the soils and conditions we deal with. I don't think they've caught on anywhere with irrigation guys except in small pockets that I don't know of. Probably better suited for phone and TV cable drops.

06-19-2002, 12:17 AM
the turfco pipe piper is king in Long Island, New York....much cheaper than a small vibe plow (255sx, etc) they do an extremley neat job on existing lawns...they are very light and use "dually" turf tires for drive wheels.... they require quite a bit of effort to muscle around, but they fit all sorts of places....there are no boring attachmets as far as I know and they have a tendancy to "beat themselves to death".....last I heard they were no longer being manufactured although turfco is still in business buildign a varitey of turf care equipment. there were several models available, the 100 (10 hp), capable of pulling 3/4" and 1", the 140 (12 hp) a much more capable 1" pulling machine that could pull 1 1/4" in the right conditions, a 175 (??hp), which I've never seen, a 180 (20 hp??) which was the smallest machine to feature hydraulic blade lift, and a 220 which I've also never seen. I never opperated one although I've seen them in action many, many times...