View Full Version : Help on my numbers (Turf renovation)?

03-18-2010, 06:58 PM
Need help on following proposal for client to see if I'm in the ball park for grass renovation...I'm relatively new to landscape/lawn service business and haven't worked with sod...I'm primarily an apartment developer but decided that's no good in today's climate...Your help is greatly appreciated.

Project: A Houston commercial sod renovation of 58,328sf of bad turf...Existing Bermuda turf is covered with more than 60% weeds and needs to go...117 pallet of TIF 419 will be installed.

Prep: Will use roundup (contractor) to kill off existing turf/weeds...Mow/mulch, till then fine grade top 2-3" of soil for prep work...My best guess is using a 6 man crew to do in 3 days (144 hours)...My labor billing rate is $35/hr.

Install: Will be installing 117 pallets (500sf/pallet) of TIF 419 which I'm proposing to use 6 guys for an additional 3 days (144 hours).

Is this a good process for renovation? My numbers breakdown to the following...Please advise if way off base.

Summary (Cost, Proposed):
Size: 58,328sf
TIF 419 @ 117 pallets: $8,198 (cost), $16,397 (proposed)
Prep Labor: $2,034 (cost), $5,040 (proposed)
Install Labor: $,2034 (cost), $5,040 (proposed)
Equip/Materials: $1,890 (cost), $2,174 (proposed)
Irrigation Marked/Inspected: $500 (cost), $575 (proposed)
Sales Tax: $1,209 (cost), $2,411 (proposed)

Cost per SF is: $0.27
Proposed per SF is: $0.54

Is $0.54/sf for 58,328sf a good/bad number?

Thanks again,