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06-19-2002, 03:57 PM
I'm getting ready to purchase a fastrak for our new 2.5 acre property. We're in SouthWest Ranches (Ft Lauderdale) in South Florida, and everybody mulches around here. It's a relatively flat piece of land, with the back half almost bare of everything but lawn.

When i'm checking on prices and availability w/ the local dealers, what options or non-standard equipment should i be lookng at as part of the initial purchase ? I'm not very mechanical, and would want everything to be ready-to-cut/go when it's delivered from the dealer. Which models of the fastrak would you recommend over any of the others.

Thanks in advance for your help

06-20-2002, 12:16 AM
I would suggest the mulch kit, and a set of mulch blades. Gators will work best. Mulch kit is $79.00 blades should be between 10 and 14.
Also, if your property is bumpy at all I would suggest the seat spring kit. it is $49.00
A arm rest kit is also available it will help resting the arms for long stretches of mowing time. it is $85.00
And last but not least I would suggest a hour meter, for keeping record of maintenance, it is $24.00
As for which FasTrak is best, I would suggest the 20hp Honda powered unit with a 52" deck, it is a very strong and smooth running engine, and the 52" deck will make quick work of that 2.5 acres.

Hope this helps