View Full Version : permagreen neutral saftey start

03-24-2010, 06:32 PM
Want to disconnect the neutral safety switch so i can start it in gear. Its a magnum has a red and white wire coming off the transmission. If i disconnect the wires will this let me start it in gear and not affect anything else? Thanks

03-24-2010, 06:38 PM
Yes, That's the first thing I did on the Magnums I bought a few years ago. I'm sure PG has to put them on for insurance purposes but it will be the first thing to be effected by the fert and then your pg wont start.

03-24-2010, 09:33 PM
Thanks for the info. First thing to do tomorrow.

03-24-2010, 11:43 PM
be sure to leave the neutral switch on the tranny to protect it from fertilizer exposure. I just cut the wire's