View Full Version : Invasion of the centipedes

06-22-2002, 04:28 PM
This summer has started off with an invasion of centipedes around our house. These are the small brown ones that are approximately 1" long and 1/16" thick. The pool will have hundreds on the bottom in the morning and they have started invading the house. I have a pesticide license that I use in the lawn care business, but decided to let our pesticide service handle the problem. So far, they have been out three times with no positive results. My county extension agent recommends using Dursban or Diazonon which is still available in our area. I tried Dursban, but there again with no luck. If anyone out there has had a similar problem with these critters and has found a way to control them please let me know.



Tony Harrell
06-23-2002, 08:25 AM
Centipedes are predators and thrive in moist conditions. They are considered beneficial but some can inject a painful bite. They usually overwinter outside in a protected area or in the soil. The key to control is to reduce moisture and make chemical applications to control their food source. Don't forget about your crawlspace, keep it dry and you may need to make some applications there also. Wettable powders and microencapsulated formulations work best.

06-29-2002, 12:21 AM
I bought 5 lb bag of 'Seven' chemical. Put a path of the powder (about 8 - 12 inches wide) along the edge of the front of the house. I din't put it near the house where we let our indoor dog goes out on the chain for bathroom breaks. They were coming in bedroom sliding glass door, living room windows, front door,etc.. The next day their was hundreds of dead centipedes along the house. We still had a few get in the house and I think some where still in the house from a days before we put the Seven down. The Seven has gotten them to almost down to 0 in the house. I will re-apply more Seven once i was away the 1,000 or so centipedes that are dead along the house.