View Full Version : 250 or 292?

01-12-2000, 01:28 AM
Is there an easy way to tell the difference between a 250 and a 292? I've been told I have a 250, and a 292. I've tried reading the numbers on the engine, but they're just about impossible to see.

01-14-2000, 07:25 PM
I'm in the same boat as u Joseph. I just got a '70 C10 and I don't know if it has a 250 or a 292, however, I can read the numbers on mine. My problem is I'm looking for a place (preferably a website) that can decipher the V.I.N. numbers and the engine numbers. <br>Does anybody have any ideas?<br>thanx in advance.<p>Fisher.

06-17-2000, 02:12 AM
www.inliners.org/casting/numbers.hml has most of the numbers.

06-18-2000, 09:25 PM
I'm thinking that the 292 is a much bigger block. That thing was used in C50 and C60 models back in the 70s and maybe later. I though there was smaller six (230 inch range) that shared blocks with the 250.